Hero Update: Chaos Refud

Born of Chaos...

Hollow Grounds (AS) - Create an area that will render you immune to physical a [...]

July Team tournament is coming!

No we have not forgotten about this.
It's time for our second, monthly team tournament!

Hacker Enforcement Notice

Greetings Mercenaries,
Recent rise in activities of those who have been playing the game in a man [...]

[Coming Soon] Major System Update

Greetings Mercenaries,

You may have noticed a lack of an update this week.
Our team is pleased t [...]

July Tournament Grand Prizes


The grand final winners - Team Doge Squad - have received their custom Gear Designs fr [...]

[COMPLETE] July Tournament Prize Distribution

Attention Mercenaries,

To those of you who participated in this months tournament - please note t [...]

Patch Notes
Patch Notes [7/16/14]

Let the chaos begin, Chaos Refud enters the ring!


*PREMIUM* Chaos Refud (30 hrs, Per [...]

Patch Notes [7/9/14]

Shop update!


The Soccer Medals have been updated with bonus stats depending on how far e [...]

Patch Notes [7/2/14]



Trinity makes her debut!


*PREMIUM* Trinity (30 hrs, Permanent) + bonu [...]

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