Hero Update – Hades

AS - Cerberus
Summon 3 hounds of Cerberus who breathe fire and poison on enemies.
AD -  Kynee
Ga [...]

Hero Update – Engineer

Technological Force!


AS - Strider
Plant a Strider Mine that explodes when enemies app [...]

Hero Update – Shadow Ranger

Warrior of the Night


AS - Shadow Arrow
Tumble in a direction and unleash a flurry of a [...]

May 1v1 Tournament Info

Attention Mercenaries,

Sign-ups for our May 1v1 tournament are now open!

Check out the forum l [...]

Event Winners

Greetings Mercenaries,

The following users were randomly selected to win a 100-Day Gear Extender [...]

[Notice] Maintenance – 04/27/2016

Please note that our server will be offline for a scheduled maintenance.


Time Start:
Wedne [...]

Patch Notes
[4/29/16] Event Update

Event Update





*Note these events will not show up in-game [...]

Patch Notes [4/27/2016]

Admiral Yi enters Lost Saga!




[4/27/2016 - 5/11/2016]

*NORMAL* A [...]

Events [4/20/2016]

Event update





The following events will be active during t [...]


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