Hero Update – Fencer

Both deadly & romantic - Fencer is here!

AS - Banish
Appear from the sky in a haze of black [...]

Hero Update – Kali

Kali, originating from Dragon's Nest arrives in Lost Saga!

AS - Pain Zone
Lay a trap on the grou [...]

Hero Update – Slasher

Slasher is a melee hero with a burning desire to slash those who gets in his way. (woooh)

AS - Sp [...]

[COMPLETE] Maintenance Wed. Jan. 28th

Greetings Mercenaries,

Please note that our server will be offline for a scheduled maintenance.

[Issue resolved] Service resumes @ 11:15AM EST

Updated 11:30AM EST

Please be advised game servers are back up and running normally.
Upon invest [...]

[PLEASE READ!!!!!][COMPLETE] 1/21 Maintenance

Updated @12:00PM EST, January 21st:

Servers are now open.
Please note that team is aware of the [...]

Patch Notes
Patch Notes [1/28/2015]

A surprise release of Rage Berserker Perfect Package for portal users!

New Content:

Hero P [...]

Patch Notes [1/21/2015]

The icon of justice, Fencer has arrived!

New Content:

1. Hero

Normal Hero - Fencer

P [...]

Patch Notes [1/14/2015]

We come back with Shop & Event update!


1. Shop Update

[1/14/2015 - 1/27/2015]


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