Hero Update: Priest

Priest enters Lost Saga...

Red Cross (AS) - Send out red crosses that lift up enemies for a brie [...]

Aug. Team Tournament Announcement

No we have not forgotten about this.
It's time for our second, monthly team tournament!

Hero Update: Chaos Refud

Born of Chaos...

Hollow Grounds (AS) - Create an area that will render you immune to physical a [...]

Maintenance Notice [8/27/14]

Greetings Mercenaries!

We will be performing a scheduled maintenance for Lost Saga on Wednesda [...]

[Complete] Aug. 22nd maintenance

Hello Mercenaries,

Please be advised that Lost Saga is now back online!
If you were one of those [...]

[Maintenance] COMPLETE 8/21

Maintenance has completed!
Thank you for your patience.

Lost Saga Team


------------ [...]

Patch Notes
[Patch Notes] Aug. 21st – Gear changes!

Yes, even we think yesterday's gear offerings were not very wise.
So here we go for a slight change [...]

Patch Notes [8/20/14]

Greetings Mercenaries,

Please see below for the list of what today's patch addresses:

Added - [...]

Patch Notes [8/13/14]

The cleansing begins!


*PREMIUM* Priest - 6,300 ZP - 17,700 ZP (30hrs, Perm)

[8/13/ [...]


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