Hero Update – Thunderbird

Armed and dangerous!


AS - Boom and Crash!
Summon a cloud of thunder that constantly da [...]

Hero Update – Lee

The one true master Lee is here!


AS - Legendary Counter Attack
Enter a stance that all [...]

Hero Update – Space Warden

Space Warden has travelled to Lost Saga!


AS - Sonic Spin
Throw out a sonic boomerang t [...]

September Tournament Reminder

Attention Mercenaries,

This weekend one of our very own Lost Saga moderators, IGN: Vindictive, wi [...]

Rank S Pet Reimbursement

Greetings Mercenaries,

As some of you are already aware of - we are offering legendary pet reimbu [...]

[Complete] Emergency Network Maintenance – 8/27/2015

Hello Mercenaries,

Lost Saga is currently undergoing an emergency network maintenance to resolve [...]

Patch Notes
Patch Notes [8/26/2015]

Thunderbird arrives!



*All users who have logged in atleast once since August [...]

Patch Notes [8/19/2015]

Kage Ninja Evo + PGC Update!



View last weeks patch notes for event and shop u [...]

Patch Notes [8/12/2015]

Martial arts master Lee has arrived!




[8/12/15 - 8/25/15]

(RARE) L [...]


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