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Next Bash Royale: October 12th

Attention Mercenaries!

Next Friday (10/12/2018), a special GM Event will be held: Bash Royale!

Vagabond Skills

Vagabond is a melee hero that utilizes dark energy to displace enemies before cutting them down with [...]

Grand Master Skills

A hero who has perfected the art of hand-to-hand combat, Grand Master is capable of activating three [...]

Compensation for 11/07 Maintenance

Greetings Mercenaries,

As an apology for our recent extended maintenance that took place from Nov [...]

Patching Error? Info Inside

Attention Mercenaries,

If you have already attempted to log-in today (11/07) by launching & [...]

[COMPLETE] Extended Maintenance 11/07/2018

Attention Mercenaries,

Please note that our server will be offline for a scheduled maintenance.

Patch Notes
November 7th Patch Notes

Batter up! Megabat arrives...







What's [...]

October 23rd Patch Notes

Bingo is back!








[10/23/18 - [...]

October 10th Patch Notes

The Necromancer Rises...








&n [...]


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