LSNA Parkour Trials - WINNERS ANNOUNCED! - Lost Saga
Attention Mercenaries!

Our 'LSNA Parkour Trials' Event has come to and end! Here are your top 3 finalists for the grand prizes:

3rd place (11% votes) - IGN Johnsito - 10,000 ZP
2nd place (25% votes) - IGN XexalSeyer - 15,000 ZP

And your first place winner with 38% of the total accumulated votes is...

IGN GumShoe - 20,000 ZP + Mephisto (Permanent) !

Congratulations to the winners! GumShoe will be contacted in the near future where we will then cooperate to host his/her course for the community to run and earn additional prizes! Stay tuned!

Thank you to those who participated - we know it wasn't an easy event to participate in however the Lost Saga team truly enjoyed viewing your various parkour courses!

- Lost Saga Team