Hero Update – Predator

Predator - Skills:

Q - Nuclear Strike: Call down 3 powerful orbital strikes to annihilate [...]

Hero Update – Dark Lord

Dark Lord - Skills:

Q - Blade of Light: Throw your laser blade and control it's direction, d [...]

Hero Update – Crow

Crow - Skills:

Q - Crow Flock: Summon a raging group of crows around you that stuns nearby enem [...]

Jin Sasinmu – available through the event shop now!

Jin Sasinmu Skills:

Q - Vigor of Tortoise: Increases physical and elemental resistance. Usable w [...]

Hero Update – Galford

Galford Skills:

Q - Plasma Poison: Infuse your dog with energy, causing him to bite and thro [...]

Hero Update – Druid

Druid Skills:

Q - Nature's Whisper: Call forth a protective area of plants that grants defens [...]

Hero Update – Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer Skills:

Q - Chemical Attack: Launch out several bolts that poison enemies.

Hero Update – Park Il Pyo

Park Il Pyo Skills:

Q - True Counter-axel: Summon a powerful tornado in front of you that stuns [...]

Hero Update – Blade

Blade Skills:

Q - Rake Storm: Summon a circle of shuriken around you which will then retreat [...]

Hero Update – Kim Yun-Seong

Kim Yun-Seong Skills:

Q - Enter!: Focus on a target and teleport to them, knocking them upwards [...]