Lost Saga - Events
Next Bash Royale: October 12th

Attention Mercenaries!

Next Friday (10/12/2018), a special GM Event will be held: Bash Royale!

Vagabond Skills

Vagabond is a melee hero that utilizes dark energy to displace enemies before cutting them down with [...]

Grand Master Skills

A hero who has perfected the art of hand-to-hand combat, Grand Master is capable of activating three [...]

Cannon Skills + New Rare Gear Skills

Armed with a customized artillery weapon of mass destruction, Cannon is a force to be reckoned with. [...]

Rudolph & Vagabond Skills

*RARE* Rudolph Skills:

Q - I'm on a Sleigh

W - Cold Hands

E - Santa's Presents

R - [...]

Magic Engineer Skills + Rare Gear Skills

*RARE* Magic Engineer Skills:

Q - Electric Bomb

E - Overload

E - Elemental Amplifier


Hacker Skills

*Normal* Hacker Skills:

Q - Freeze Mine: Place a mine that explodes when enemies come too close, [...]

Gargoyle Skills

*Normal* Gargoyle Skills:

Q - Gargoyle's Rage: Slam the ground around you, petrifying all nearby [...]

Drill Skills

*Rare* Drill Skills:

Q - Spiral Dash: Quickly dash forward, catching enemies with your mighty dri [...]

Warp & Stranger Skills

*Normal* Warp Skills:

R -  Air Drop

E - Blink

W - Portal Rush

Q - Illusion Blade [...]