Lost Saga - How to Play
How to Play
What are the controls?
How do Skills Work?

Every Hero in Lost Saga is able to perform 4 powerful skills with their equipped gears. Once the skill gauge is fully charged, you may use the skills with a combination of the A, S, D keys.

It's important to note that skills ignore the normal blocks and guards. Furthermore, there may be a slight skill delay (as well as possible invulnerability) upon activating the skill so be sure to time it wisely! Once you use a skill, the skill will go through a cooldown period in which the skill cannot be used.

A skills recharge or cooldown period is not only affected by that Hero's upgrade level for that skill but by other factors as well.
- The Skill Gauge will recharge faster: When you knock someone off the map.
- The Skill Gauge will recharge slower: When dashing / When on the    ground / While jumping / While aiming.


In-Game Currency - WP and Pesos

WP and Pesos are both in-game currencies used to buy items, style items, heroes, etc. in Lost Saga.
- WP is linked to cash and must be bought with real money and can only be purchased on the Lost Saga website.
- Pesos are earned from battle, completing quests, relic hunting, fishing, etc.