Permanent Hero  14,100 ZPPermanent Hero, +1 Forsaken Set, 100 Dimensional Shards 23,000 ZPPermanent Forsaken, +10 Forsaken Gear Set, Forsaken Medal, Forsaken EXP32,000 ZPContains random Forsaken gear, Contains both timed & permanent gear, Chance for multiple loot3,300 ZP

Gear EvolutionBazooka1st EvolutionDamage/Knockback IncreaseSpin Rate Increase2nd EvolutionRange/Damage IncreasePushback IncreaseDown Attack Added

In-game Events are back!

It means Bingo Events are near as well! Be prepared!

Returned Star Event!

07/27/2016 - 08/02/2016

Obtain 2 [Star Box] upon initial login.

Stay logged in for 60 minutes to use the box, to receive any of following in random chances:

Each star has chances of giving a random item!



600% EXP & GP

Play and get 600% EXP & GP during 6:00pm to 9:00pm on this Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Daily Play Event

Champion ModeBattle for 30 minutesGear Design x 1Prisoner ModeBattle for 30 minutesClover Pot x 1

Weekly Play Event

Battle for 500 minutes in ANY mode during Event Period and Receive:

K’s Medal Box x 5