April 17th - What's New - Lost Saga
Patch Notes
Balance changes + Ranked 3v3 mode!


Balance Changes

- Gauge recovery rate decreased.
- Jump dash attack speed reduced.

- Weapon skill damage decreased.

- Movement speed in Bird Form increased.
- Gauge now fills up slightly faster.

Jin Sasinmu:
- Invulnerability duration decreased during combo.
- Basic attack damage decreased slightly.
- Radius on weapon skill decreased.
- Damage increased while enlightened.

Explosion Engineer Cape:
- Delay for the first shot added
- Activation speed adjusted
- AoE radius adjusted

Enlightened One's Hairband:
- Skill damage decreased


Ranked 3v3 Mode

- A new Ranked mode option has been added to the main lobby:

'Ranked' mode uses the following rule set:
- MMR/Points based matchmaking (random teammates)
- 3 versus 3 Prisoner Mode only
- Random LSWC maps only
- Leaving while in a Ranked game will incur a loss of -25 Points
- If the opposing team leaves, the match will end in a forfeit.

This mode offers players a chance to progress through new ranks:
Bronze (0 - 1199 Points)
Silver (1200 - 1399 Points)
Gold (1400 - 1599 Points)
Platinum (1600 - 1799 Points)
Diamond (1800 - 1999 Points)
Master (2000+ Points)

*There will be events in the near future for Ranked Mode and we have plans to reward the top ranked players! More details to follow soon.


Bare Bones Mode

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This new mode features... NO GEAR!

That's right, in Bare Bones Mode you will be fighting other players with nothing but your bare fists! You receive a speed and power boost in this mode that makes every player equally deadly. You'll need to have your guard ready to survive in this mode!

Coming Soon!

A new hero + costume sets are around the corner!

The LSNA team is also still working on a massive text update that will take some weeks to apply, so please bare with us!

We've heard your pleas for more EXP events as well and are planning to increase the rates yet again in the near future.

A Gear Design festival is also coming soon!

And lastly, a friendly reminder that more content will be patched in next week as we continue our normal content update cycle.

- Lost Saga Team